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Natasha L Nelson

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Artist, Singer, Actress, Producer, Writer

Natasha L Nelson is one of the top-tier artists, movie writers, and movie producers whose blazing path to the Hollywood filmography arena inspires many upcoming youths in the industry. She was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States Of America at at an early age, where she grew up and shaped into her niche.

In her new beginning, Natasha L Nelson ventured into the world of movie, filmography, cinematography and Music, where she could finally do what she loved the most: creating stories that people would enjoy in their entirety. And here, the world finally found a better place for her. In the entertainment niche, where she’s currently dominating, Natasha has kept pressing on with determination, focus, and hard-work, making her a famous icon in the movie and cinema scenes. When it comes to the art of movie and cinema production, Natasha Lumsden writes and

produces nothing short of creativity and comedy, making her art pieces popular.

But she doesn’t just stop it there; she is endowed with talents that make her an all-around individual in the entertainment industry. Being astute, Natasha wears many hats at the same time. As a CEO, writer, producer, co-director and a Musician. She Works closely with Jean M Nelson, He’s a Musician, Composer, Producer, Writer and Film Directed both in Music and Film. She also help co-write her first-ever full feature film, “The Passion Of Love,” with Jean M Nelson, her co Writer and Producer.

Natasha work hard to enter the Hollywood cinema and movie industry. , she won many accolades and awards.

Better yet, the famous “The Passion Of Love” film also made headlines as an award winner the Best Feature Film by Hollywood Forever Film Festival for 2019. As a Young CEO / Owner of Media Vision Films Production.

In 2020 to 2021, she work together with Jean M. Nelson. They Unleashed yet another world- storming short film of its kind called “The Wonders of The Witches,” directed by Jean Nelson.

The Wonders of The Witches is the first short film series ever produced by Media Vision Films Productions, it’s one of the many fiction series that the production company has yet to release. Between June to October 2020 Jean M Nelson invited me to be apart of one of his musical Album called Unforgettable. We work thought it while filming our second film the wonders of the witches.The album was complete and soon to be release on November 26th 2021. This album is featuring 12 musical tracks.

In November 2021 after the releasing of their upcoming album “Unforgettable” she was feature in the famous Ascendant Magazine. She emphasize she cant wait to show the world more of her creativity.

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